NLA for Her Supplement Review

For the past several weeks, I have been trying out this new line of supplements formulated for women by NLA Performance.

-Her Whey – protein

-Her Aminos – amino acid blend

-Uplift – pre- workout

-Shred Her – a natural fat burner

Here are my thoughts:

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Her Whey

My first impression of Her Whey?  It’s YUMMMMMYYYY!  Seriously.  It’s probably the best protein powder I have ever tasted.  They call the flavor “chocolate éclair”.  It is very chocolaty with a hint of cinnamon.  I figured some of you would want a better review than “its yummmyyyy”, though…

Here is what the NLA Performance website has to say about Her Whey:

HER WHEY is our gluten free, lean protein drink that is scientifically formulated to promote lean muscle growth, enhance muscular recovery after workouts, and fuel your muscles during high intensity training.  Supplementing with HER WHEY on a daily basis will not only increase recovery but also helps promote a lean body composition with our low carbohydrate and high protein ingredient profile.

-Premium, clinically advanced combination of proteins (Whey Protein Isolate and Micellar Caseinates) for optimal nutrition and performance.

-Added Vitamins and Minerals

-Over 9.4 grams of Glutamine and over 5 grams of Branched Chain Amino Acids to enhance muscular recovery.

Great blend of high quality protein. Check.  Low Carb. Check. But, what is up with the 7g of fat??  I had to take a closer look at this.

NLA Performance has added Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) from safflower and sunflower oil to Her Whey.  This is a unique ingredient, as many protein powders are very low in fat.  But, we need fat.  There is quite a bit of research (and more being done now) on the health benefits of MCTs.  You’ve probably read about coconut oil.  Here is an article if you’ve missed the hype.  I am getting MCTs in other forms, so “why not in my protein”, I had to ask.

So, before I said “that is too much fat. I can’t drink it.” I did the math.

On my current meal plan, I eat 140g of egg whites and 18g of egg yolk with breakfast (3 or 4 egg whites and one yolk).  This comes out to:

Protein: 18.12

Carbs: 1.63

Fat: 5.05

33g or Hey Whey (about a scoop and a half) is:

Protein: 18.5

Carbs: 2.6

Fat: 4.6

My last meal of the night is 185g egg whites and 10g of peanut butter.  This comes out to:

Protein: 22.67

Carbs: 3.18

Fat: 5.37

39g or Hey Whey is:

Protein: 21.8

Carbs: 3.1

Fat: 5.5

So, the macros are VERY SIMILAR, and I am getting the benefits of the healthy fats.  If I get tired of egg whites.  I could easily measure out Her Whey protein to almost exactly match the macros I need to hit.  One of my favorite ways to drink protein powder is in my coffee.  I mix Her Whey protein in a little water in a shaker and then pour it into my coffee like creamer.  It is really heavenly!

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Her Aminos

I always put Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) in the water that I drink while I work out.  Her Aminos by NLA for Her has a great flavor.  What girl doesn’t like pink lemonade?  I am not an expert on the details of amino acids.  This one contains all of the BCAAs, including Leucine, so it looks good to me!  Here is what NLA Performance has to say about Her Aminos:

HER AMINOS is our blend of Amino Acids designed to be taken at any time of the day to fuel your muscles with nutrients that increase protein synthesis, help prevent catabolism, and enhance recovery.   Supplementing with HER AMINOS on a daily basis will improve your recovery time in between workouts, allowing you bounce back quicker from intense exercise and come back stronger the next session!
HER AMINOS, when combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet is designed to support:
-Recovery in between training sessions
-Resistance to muscular fatigue
-Anti-Catabolism (Prevents muscle wasting)
-Intra-Workout Muscular Endurance

DIRECTIONS:  Mix 1 scoop with 6-8 oz. of cold water or any beverage of your choice immediately upon waking, before, during, or after your workouts.  Supplementing before, during, and after your workouts will enhance muscular endurance and prevent muscle wasting, promoting increased recovery and strength gains.



I have found over the last few years that I am very sensitive to stimulants.  I do not like the feeling most pre-workout supplements give me… jittery, and then the CRASH!  I do not have time for a crash!  I was happy to learn about Uplift by NLA for Her, a pre-workout formulated for women that are often sensitive to stimulants like I am.

I played around with the number of scoops I used for about a week.  Kevin Gunderson, of NLA Performance told me to try 1-3 scoops of Uplift.  For my first try, I went all in… 3 scoops!  I did not feel jittery.  I had an amazing workout.  I definitely noticed an increase in energy, but I did crash.  After several more days of playing around, I have decided that I am a one scoop of Uplift kind of girl.  One scoop gives me the energy I need without the crash.  Apparently I am a stimulant light weight.  Lol.  That’s ok.  Thanks NLA for Her for finally coming out with a pre-workout I can handle!  Here is what NLA Performance has to say about Uplift:

Clean Pre-Workout Energy Supplement

UPLIFT is our pre-workout formula dosed for Women and scientifically formulated to increase energy levels, improve endurance, and increase fast twitch muscle fiber activation during your workouts.  Supplementing with UPLIFT 20-30 minutes pre-workout will help you attack your workouts with intensity, focus, giving you sustained energy that helps you to push your body to a whole new level.

Supplement with UPLIFT before workouts will give you:

-Clean and Sustained Energy
-Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber Activation
-Improved Athletic Performance
DIRECTIONS:  Mix 1-3 scoops in 4-8 oz of water.
SUGGESTED USE:  Take 1-3 scoops of UPLIFT 20-30 minutes before your workout.  Supplementing with UPLIFT pre-workout will send your energy levels through the roof, increasing your intensity and focus during your workout.


Shred Her

To be honest, I hesitated to try this fat burner out.  I do not normally take fat burners.  I few years ago, I tried another brand.  It made me feel insane!  Hot, sweaty, and anxious.  But, if I was ever going to try Shred Her out, this was a good time.  Last weekend, when I was 4 weeks out from competing in the Derby Kentucky Muscle Show, I emailed my diet coach asking if I could give it a try.  He said to go for it and that he’d “like me to harden up a bit and that could help”.

Since March 27th I have been eating these macros: 2049 calories, 33%Pro/49%carb/18%fat

My weight:

3-27-13 – 133lbs

3-28-13 – 133lbs

3-29-13 – 133.5lbs

3-30-13 – 133lbs

3-31-13 – 132lbs

4-1-13 – 133lbs weight in the morning then STARTED SHRED HER

4-2-13 – ?

4-3-13 – 131.5lbs

4-4-13 – 131.5lbs

I have been PLEASANTLY surprised by how I feel when taking Shred Her.  I really haven’t noticed any side effects at all except increased energy.  I love energy!!  I have not felt hot, jittery or anxious.  It is just a very even keeled energetic feeling.  I really like that the ingredients are all natural as well.

What do these weight numbers mean to me?  I am eating an amount of calories that held me at about 133lbs for 6 days.  Without a diet change and just adding the Shred Her (I did not workout 31, 4/1, or 4/2 except for light hiking with my kids) I dropped a pound and a half.  The scientist in me would like to try Shred Her while eating several different amounts of calories just to see what happens, but I think this is a pretty good indication that my metabolism was definitely spiked.  My diet coach had expected to drop my cals on 4-3-13, but didn’t see a need after these numbers.  More food is always a good thing!!  I do not have a problem at all recommending this fat burner for short term/specific goal use.  Here is what NLA Performance has to say about Shred Her:

SHRED HER is our all natural fat burner scientifically formulated and dosed for females to increase fat loss.  Our formula will enhance energy, elevate your mood, and ignite your metabolism, transforming your body into a thermogenic, fat burning incinerator!SHRED HER is so effective due to our innovative, natural, ultra concentrated blend of the following top-of-the-line ingredients:
-Green Tea Extract:  A powerful antioxidant that contributes to increased weight loss, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, decreased inflammation, helps prevent free radical oxidation, and helps slow the aging process of cells.
-Raspberry Ketones:  Causes the fat within your cells to get broken up more effectively, helping your body burn fat faster when paired with regular exercise.  Raspberry Ketones also helps regulate adiponectin, a protein used by the body to regulate metabolism.
-Caffeine:  The most common stimulant and thermogenic.  Caffeine helps increase energy, lift mood, increases thermogenesis (your body generates heat and energy) and may increase fat burning when taken pre-workout.
-Citrus Aurantium Extract: The most notable benefits of Citrus Aurantium extract are its ability to increase resting metabolic rate, resulting in weight loss.  It also exhibits a powerful thermogenic effects, generating heat and energy in your body.
-Ursolic Acid:  One of the newest and most effective ingredients that helps reduce fat storage and increases fat burning, reduces the conversion of blood sugar to fat, increases energy reserves in muscles, reduces abdominal fat, and contributes to increased lean muscle mass.Directions for Use:Take 1 pill immediately upon waking and 1 additional pill 3-6 hours later to ignite your metabolism and to keep your body in a thermogenic, fat burning state all day.

*Products were provided to me by NLA for Her to review.  Opinions and review are my own.


  1. Love this review! and I love that you posted your weight (very brave). As always, great blog!

    • busy1708 says:

      I’m not sure why people worry about a number on the scale. It is a good judge of progress, but really doesn’t matter. I’m trying to get a little bigger! :-)

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