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My Competition Journey

This is where I started.  My 4th son was born 9-11-10.  I had been lifting weights while pregnant, but I still had baby weight to lose.  I set a goal to compete in my first Figure competiton about a year after he was born.                 I made it […]


Get Fit by Accident

Living a fit life does not need to be a chore.  With a few attitude adjustments and a little change in routine, you can set yourself up to reach your goals over time …by accident.   Enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Feeling good and looking good will come naturally.   1.  Approach cardio, NOT with an […]


I Want to be Fit! Where do I Start?

I posted this quote to my Facebook page recently, “I have all the motivation to get fit, but have no idea where to start. I feel out of place at the gym and get overwhelmed trying to eat healthy all the time with my busy schedule.”  Many people could relate.  Here is my blog in […]

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